Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

He forgot. again. Well, according to him, he didn't forget, he just didn't "have the time to do anything." Bogus. He forgot our anniversary too. But I am completely fine with that. Why?
Because I would rather have a husband who forgets and is amazing everywhere else than have a husband who remembers and is horrible everywhere else.

Last night I met him in Eureka. ( I actually rode the bus up there horror of horrors) My mom kept Bentley, which it seems she never tires of doing. We went to the mall and then to an italian restaurant. I told him- surprise me, and he was going to take me to Applebee's even though he hates it. So I started naming other restaurants and we ended up with a delicous dinner at Babetta's.

Today we stayed home and cleaned house. I stayed in my pjs all day. Which was wonderful. He let me sleep in. And he even went and got me coffee. (and a card while he was out lol)

Sometimes I admit, (although rarely) I think, "Why God, did I get him?" But mostly I think, "Why God, did he choose me?"

So all in all, a wonderful day. Sometimes it's better when he forgets, because I usually end up with coffee. And this time a queen size bright pink blanket that he has to sleep under.

And my house, although not completely clean, is cleaner than it was yesterday. It's not every husband that will pitch in with housework. Thank God for mine. and Thank God for our little

And by the way, if you are reading this: Comment will ya?

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  1. Hehe. Cute blog. Bummer about Valentines day. We only went out, we didn't get each other anything. That was nice of him to help clean and get coffee and a card. Have a nice day.


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