Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How it all started

The question here is how far back do I go to start our story?

Since I am starting in the middle of it, may
be that is where I will begin. This blog will be a whole collection of things... a story for each day, tips on where to find free stuff, jokes, poems, and our laughter and tears.

So for today the basics.
William and I (Hi! I'm Laura) were married on January 15, 2005.
We adopted our cat pixel in June of 2007.
Our baby boy: Bentley was born on December 11, 2008

So the meaning of the name: well I was searching for a catchy phrase and googling "think pink and free,"
didn't prove any results, so I turned to my new favorite thing. Bentley!

Oh, you mean his name?

Well it all started when I was pregnant and we were searching madly for a new name for this little guy. We knew he would be special, and we also knew that this was one of the most important decisions of our life. We had to choose a person's name. This would not be temporary, this would follow him for the rest of his life.

We also believe that a name makes who you are. In the bible there are many occurrences where a name defines a person or changes them. With all this said we also had more stipulations.
e didn't want a common name. We didn't want a name that would be hard to spell or pronounce. Those two things pretty much ruled out every name there was.

Then one day Will came to a realization. If we found a B first name and a M middle name, his
initials would be B.M.W.!

William was

Now he had a name for my belly. Beamer. (or as he emphatically puts it, Bimmer) We actually referred to him as this for quite a while. Then one day quite seriously my husband asks me if I want to name our son.... Bentley. I just gave him the look, not wanting him to see my real thoughts yet. And then a few days later I acquiesced. I like it.

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