Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prego Brain just becomes Baby Brain

So during my pregnancy I had to get a new debit card a grand total of THREE TIMES. I kept misplacing it. I was constantly doing things that made me think I was going crazy. One time I tried to leave for church without my skirt. Thank goodness my dear husband was looking out for me on that occasion.

My husband is usually the one that is prone to driving around aimlessly before remembering where he was going or what he was doing. This only drives me somewhat insane. I think he has a great talent. How on earth can you miss a turn to a street that you have lived on for years?

Now I find myself at the hospital when I should be at the doctor's office. Or I find myself wandering around
the house wondering what I am doing.
It sounds like I am a crazy person.

Some days- I think I am.

One thing I have learned:Nothing prepares you for motherhood. Nothing.

I thought I had every item imaginable, but still find
that there is some item that I didn't think of, and

will think of it at 3 am. But do you think I could
remember it while at the store? Of course not.

A good friend of mine, during her pregnancy sent a letter to hersel
f instead of her client.

Both of us were in agreement that when
we had our babies these symptoms would undoubtedly go away.

Regrettably I have learned that these symptoms NEVER go away. They just now get blamed on the baby. Maybe its the sleep deprivation. Maybe its the fact that you use 70% of your brain power worrying about your baby's
next breath, and every breath thereafter.

Today was Bentley's 2 month checkup. I knew that it was on the 12th, but it didn't dawn on me that today was the 12th until 7:30 this morning. However we still didn't make his appointment, because I somehow thought his appointment was at 2:30. Nope, as I was informed, it was at 9:30 this morning. So now we try again tomorrow. Sigh. Poor Bentley. I still am holding on to hope that this will get better with time.

The pictures to the right are ones I took yesterday. 2 months old. I can scarcely believe it!

Bentley's Dedication is on Sunday. Here is the invitation. His outfit that he will be wearing is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

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