Sunday, February 15, 2009

We dedicate this child to you Lord...

Not a whole lot to say... Pretty overwhelming really. It was a beautiful service. Here are some pictures.

My mother wrote a beautiful song:

Slide 2
We Thank You Lord
(For The Child You Have Given Us)
We thank You, Lord for every heartbeat
For tiny hands and cute little feet
And while he’s young we dedicate him to You
To use for your glory his whole life through
We thank you Lord
For the child you have given us
For the joy and the smiles he brings every day
But our prayer this night
Is guide us with your Light
Teach us to pray as we show him your way
Your Word we obey
We thank you Lord for your presence we feel
As this child you have given
We give back to You
And as he grows Make him strong in you Lord
Each and every day don’t let him stray
His whole life through
To Will, Laura & Bentley Keith Wyatt
February 15, 2009
Love Grandma
I am worn out. Good night.

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