Saturday, March 7, 2009

Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings....

so today Bentley and I went shopping. (well daddy came along too, but he left us unattended at the mall for a couple hours)

They started out all dressed to work with Bentley in his coveralls.

One of my favorite things is sitting at the food court and people watching. Its also interesting to try to figure out their stories. Like for instance:

Look at that couple... Do you think they are on their first date?

Are those two girls best friends or sisters? Neither or Both?

She obviously works at the mall, Which store do you think?

Then there was the daddy and his little girl sharing pizza. He was holding a bag from Kay's Jewelers. Birthday present? I'm sorry present? or just because?

You probably think I'm creepy. But not as creepy as the guy with a ladies' undergarment on his head. He looked like a bug. I don't know what his story was. But he was with a large group of people that included gothic freaks and a girl who had her hair died neon green to match her outfit. You know the kind of people that are obviously desperate for attention, but when anyone looks at them they get all bent out of shape.

The most amazing thing was the little blond with perfect hair and clean clothes with 2 kids and a perfect looking husband. Um, I have one kid and I am sitting here, spit up covered and pretty frazled looking. I have to admit, I was almost giddy when her 2 year old had a meltdown. Maybe their family isn't perfect after all?

I also gathered a few more opinions about people in regards to the baby. Their reactions are similar to when I was pregnant. They either fall all over you trying to help, or they fall all over you trying to push you out of thier way.

I thought I was big when i was pregnant! That is NOTHING compared to lugging around a stroller and a big mirror (which was marked down to ONLY $14.99!). Just ask the ladies at Pier 1 imports. But at least I gave them something to do when the whole stack of mirrors and pictures fell over. They came running, but thankfully nothing was broken.

My husband interjects here, Imagine pushing a stroller while pregnant. Imagine pulling a double stroller while pregnant.

Ummm. No.

Anyways. So theres those that can spot the car seat from aisles away. They come RUSHING up to you, and proceed to touch your baby all over. Awww. How old? How much did he weigh? Oh the same as he does now. Whats his name? Puttantane. Do you have anymore? Ya, we left those ones at home.

Then there are those that secretly want to look at your baby. They will STARE intently until you look or speak to them, and then they will look away or ignore you. The funniest example was the women who wanted to look at him, and her mate was like NO, dont even look. But hes cute! No! you are not getting any ideas. I laughed out loud, but the plus size women next to me did not find it funny I guess. Either that or she's blogging about the strange mom in the plus size clothing that was laughing to herself.

Then there are those that have full blown conversations with your baby as if you aren't there. This is the most common. It's fine, but it's akward when they don't say anything to you or look at you funny if you reply.

Then there are those that are full speed ahead. They dont care that you have precious cargo or a stroller. They are annoyed that you are there. They hate crying and they hate you. All they want are costco samples and they will do anything to get them.

Honestly I don't mind. I love showing this bundle of joy to the world. If only they all saw him like I do.

These were quite possibly the best thing to happen to me today. Normally $49.oo

And look at the price tag! These I can't live without. I also couldn't live without the sign that read: "Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings"

But on that note, I end this blog.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My kitchen cupboards won't shut

I think this is a punishment for when I was little and I found a fascination with going into people's houses and opening every cupboard door in their kitchen. I don't know who taught me this. It was probabley Uncle Peter.... or maybe Dewayne. But the look on Nana's face or Aunt Cheryl's.... Or my mother's... You have to admit it's pretty funny. I don't think so. Not anymore.

Somehow since I have been married I have developed OCD. That stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. Not that you would notice this when you come to my house. At least not right away. You might think- wow what a mess! or Look at all that clutter! But just open a drawer or my closet. And everything is organized perfectly.... It's pretty scary actually. Most normal people have a clean house and messy drawers. I have a messy house and clean drawers.

My cupboards are pretty well organized, but since my house was built for a group of giants the system for this organization changes monthly. Seriously I cant even reach the back of the bottom shelf. And they had to be men giants, because there are only 4 drawers, 2 of which I cant use because the dishwasher is in the way. And... NONE OF THE DOORS STAY SHUT. It's one of my nightly rituals.
1. Go in the kitchen
2. Shut one of the cupboard doors
3. Shut the rest
4. Shut the first one again
5. slam every door 500 times
6. Notice some chocolate or popcorn
7. get distracted by popcorn or chocolate
8. Give up

Karma, Give and it shall be given unto you, You reap what you sow.... Whatever.

I'm sorry Nana, I'm sorry Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Madeline. And I'm sorry Mom. Can I have cupboard doors that shut now? Oh and did I mention my counters are this UGly shade of green?

Ok ok.... I will stop complaining. I am very very thankful for my house, it could be worse. I could not have cupboards at all! Or no doors. Heyyy theres a thought! Maybe I will take the doors off?

And since we are on annoying things and pet peeves... My husband has found a new way to entertain the baby. Whatever you do: DO NOT google "The annoying thing" Don't! Don't Do It!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It is so surreal

Do you ever wake up and not know where you are? Do you ever go about your day and then all of a sudden forget what you were doing or why on earth you were doing it? Do you forget how on earth you came to have the life you are living?

When I was little I always dreamed of getting married and having a family. But I never could quite completely visualize it. It definitely was nothing like this. Not that it's a bad thing. Quite the contrary. I just didn't know that you don't ever change. The things that make you who they are. They stay the same. When you are little you see yourself being the perfect "pretty" wife. When you grow up you realize you are still the dowdy self that you were before- just someone else has found a way to find you gorgeous. (I'm not beating myself up, just stating fact; is there really anyone out there that find themselves truly attractive?)

I remember age 12. and 13. Those were the most horrible, no horrific, crazy years of my life. Until I turned 14 and 15. But all throughout that crazy time I remember thinking about "growing up." I thought that the awkwardness would fade away, and sophistication and poise would take the place of all the embarrassing moments of those teenage years. No, I hate to tell you, but it just gets worse. The urge to please people becomes stronger, and the embarrassment of failing becomes stronger as well.

When you are just a teenager all you have to worry about is good grades, a clean room, a few chores, (and ok ok the boys). When you find your boy that you will stay with, all of a sudden you have to worry about A WHOLE HOUSE. How, might I ask is this easier?

Oh and I forgot to mention, you have a full time job and a kid. (well a kid is a full time job).

But I still wouldnt trade a thing. The knowledge that someone is there for me at the end of the day, that no matter what happens, he'll still love me. Well, its what keeps me going...

And although this will open up another whole spectrum of thoughts, I love being a mom. Yes, its hard. No, I wasn't expecting all of this. Not like this. But its worth it. For in the middle of the night when I can hardly open my eyes to see the diaper, let alone change it, and I get that sweet little grin- it's worth it. And when it takes us 2 hours to get ready for church, and then we get there and I see him gazing all around, learning and loving everything- its worth it. And when I am about ready to pull my hair out because of the crying, and I pick him up and he snuggles down because he knows his mama- its worth it.

Its worth it because I have fallen in love with this intense little being. And yes somedays the tears really outweigh the smiles... And no this was not what I imagined...

Its better. Even through the tears. Its worth it

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm a Slacker

I promise you, I had good intentions. That has to be what counts, right?
Not to mention I have a cold, which makes me feel like, well like doing nothing really.

In the past two weeks, Bentley has explored walmart for the first time, gained even more sounds, and made momma crazy with the 5 days of unexplained fussiness. We had our first little bout with sickness, as he had a small fever for a couple days. Tylenol did the trick though, thank God!

Now hes not the one whos fussy anymore, mom is!
Well now for some pictures to make up for lost time.

Daddy and Bentley like to have long conversations

He still likes his bath

And look what I found when I lifted the blanket off his carseat after Daddy and him ran errands:

And Grandma and Grandpa Berger, He misses you!