Thursday, March 5, 2009

My kitchen cupboards won't shut

I think this is a punishment for when I was little and I found a fascination with going into people's houses and opening every cupboard door in their kitchen. I don't know who taught me this. It was probabley Uncle Peter.... or maybe Dewayne. But the look on Nana's face or Aunt Cheryl's.... Or my mother's... You have to admit it's pretty funny. I don't think so. Not anymore.

Somehow since I have been married I have developed OCD. That stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. Not that you would notice this when you come to my house. At least not right away. You might think- wow what a mess! or Look at all that clutter! But just open a drawer or my closet. And everything is organized perfectly.... It's pretty scary actually. Most normal people have a clean house and messy drawers. I have a messy house and clean drawers.

My cupboards are pretty well organized, but since my house was built for a group of giants the system for this organization changes monthly. Seriously I cant even reach the back of the bottom shelf. And they had to be men giants, because there are only 4 drawers, 2 of which I cant use because the dishwasher is in the way. And... NONE OF THE DOORS STAY SHUT. It's one of my nightly rituals.
1. Go in the kitchen
2. Shut one of the cupboard doors
3. Shut the rest
4. Shut the first one again
5. slam every door 500 times
6. Notice some chocolate or popcorn
7. get distracted by popcorn or chocolate
8. Give up

Karma, Give and it shall be given unto you, You reap what you sow.... Whatever.

I'm sorry Nana, I'm sorry Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Madeline. And I'm sorry Mom. Can I have cupboard doors that shut now? Oh and did I mention my counters are this UGly shade of green?

Ok ok.... I will stop complaining. I am very very thankful for my house, it could be worse. I could not have cupboards at all! Or no doors. Heyyy theres a thought! Maybe I will take the doors off?

And since we are on annoying things and pet peeves... My husband has found a new way to entertain the baby. Whatever you do: DO NOT google "The annoying thing" Don't! Don't Do It!!!

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  1. Heeeey sis!!! I see you found my blog!!! So you go to the Marchbanks church?!?!


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