Thursday, August 20, 2009

And this love story certainly doesnt have an ending...

I really do have good intentions. I have mentioned this before. I get intimidated because I don't have any pictures to show and without internet at home its been rough. But there is no excuse I guess for a gap of 4 months. 4 MONTHS! Man. Its ok, Bentley has a gap in his baby books and his pictures.

Maybe its cuz hes CRAWLING and EATiNG that time seems to go so much faster...

Well and I guess going back to work didnt have anything to do with it did it? Ha ha!

I now work for a company that hand-dyes silk ribbon. It is absolutely fabulous! Here is the website:

I work in customer service, and right now Im basically the only one in the office. We distribute all over the world and our ribbon is used in jewelry, on hats, in hairpieces, in weddings, on invitations, on clothing, and I am sure many other things as well.

So I promise to try to update more often. Try.

LOST (rough draft, written as I typed as you see here)
More important than keys or cash
does it seem like its hard to relate?
If only you could see what I see
It all goes by so fast.

Cant you see whats at stake?
you chat and you surf, you blog and you post
the best updates, the funniest lines,
and narrating daily functions you boast

But even though you search
through thousands of friends
looking for the pic of you and
that special someone hoping that you might meet,

and you laugh and you cry
your so caught up in every word you read
you cant hear the pleas
You dont even know why.

You see your always rushing about
to party, to this and to that
sometimes even to chuch to have fun
but isnt the point to surrender, not to run?

I wonder what would happen if you truly gave your all
could you last with out the computer for a day, for even a week?

What would you do, if you missed seeing
that one screen name
Could you take it if someone else won
today's new game?

Why, after a week you would miss out on so much fun!
would it be too much to ask: what have you done?

Oh, you read 5 chapters and you prayed like never before?
Did you see what it was like, the carpet on your floor?

Do you realize all the time you spent, searching the web
and staying up till four
could be used for giving, playing, fasting, driving,
laying, tithing?

What a sad lonely state of mind, to know
everyones status and to lose track of time,
but to forget who made you and who wants to say-
Your mine.

Yes this thing we have lost is almost too much to bear
for in every new picture that you post, you forget to mention
the one who made that coast
Everytime you log on to see who is where

I wonder, if up in heaven, if you'll find
a new host?
Will you be upset when there's no computers,
not even dial- up at most?

Where's the annointing, the fire that burns within,
where did you leave off, and where can you begin?

Begin by logging off I say, and get back to basics I say!
Read your bible and pray hard every day.

For I must promise you, He's still right there waiting,
His arms are open and he really does care about all this mess your creating

To be continued....