Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How not to coupon:

I really am an awful blogger arent I? I am not sure how some people find the time to think of, edit, and post every single night. I have been writing every single day but not always posting. (well up until this week)

What have I been doing? Well.... Couponing....

Believe it or not my dad got me started.... and although I refuse to be as crazy as he is, I think I am coming pretty close.

I have learned how not to do it:

You cant use register rewards on milk. Dont go to Walgreens and buy a bunch of stuff, roll RR, only to find you cant use it on milk. This wont make your hubby happy if he sends you to the store with $5, and you come home with 10 pairs of socks, 10 packages of chap stick, a $5 RR, and no milk

Dont go to Safeway at 11:00 pm and expect to be in and out. Dont checkout with the poor girl thats only been there 2 days, and is not sure what to do with coupons. You can scar her for her entire job career. Especially when you come back 2 nights later and do it again.

Dont clip every coupon. This takes a LOT of time. Better yet go here:
and let her do it for you!

Dont get distracted and read every blog there is out there, you could be online for hours

I have also learned how to start saving money while preserving my sanity. I think these are the most important things I have learned so far: (albeit random)

Every store has a different coupon policy
You can stack coupons
Printable or manufacturer clipped with in ad or store specific coupons
You can also stack coupons with ones preloaded to your Safeway card, etc
You can use them unexpectedly on both items when something is BOGO (Buy 1 get 1 Free)
You can use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale to get both items free

Don't be embarrassed. You are saving money! The 20 people behind you are just jealous that they aren't.

However with that said- Do be courteous, smile and apologize to the person behind you. (or look straight ahead and don't even check how many people are in line)
If the cashier is really struggling, don't argue. Simply tell them you decided against those products and come back later.

Whew! Without further aideu, here are my most recent transactions: It helps to research and print our deals, but these I did just by going and looking at the ad, and bringing my coupon organizer with me.

3 boxes of cereal, 2 bottles of salad dressing, 4 boxes of mac & cheese, granola bars, toilet paper (11.99 not that big of a sale but we needed it) cookie dough :), breadl, and two packages of lunch meat!
Total before coupons:
After coupons and club card:

Guess how much cash Will and I had together? $33!!!

Walgreens- I cant find the receipts.... but it consisted of multiple transactions and free socks, chapstick, and blistop. (one one of each)

Huggies Blue Jeans limited edition diapers
Nissan Souper Meal
Emerald Nuts 4.5 oz
Warm Delights
Lays snack chips
Wild cherry pepsi


After coupons and $10 ECB- $3.22

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