Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nana's Story, Part 1

Mothers Day
No one knew what the next few days held in store for us. I think if anyone did we wouldn't have changed a thing anyways. Not knowing that the hardest days of our lives (and yes some of the best), were to come; we had a beautiful Mother's Day.
Laughter & Yummy Food:

Bentley woke me up running into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, and squealing about the balloons he had gotten me so he could play with them...
(what a far cry from last year!)
I got flowers and a massage, and realized at 9pm that it was too late to call my Nana. She would be in bed.

My desk phone rang as I was walking out the door for lunch.... I almost went back, but figured that those crazy customers could wait a few minutes. My cell phone rang, and I realized someone needed me.
".................taken to the hospital"
"What? Bentley has been taken to the hospital?"
"No! Nana has been taken to the hospital, she had a stroke."

Relief. She will be okay. It's Nana! But wait, hospital! She's never been in a hospital before! Will I see her again? How can I? There is no way we could fly across the country! Not now! Guilt. I shouldn't be so glad that it wasn't Bentley. Silly. It will be fine!

Ok, just get through work. Finish my lunch and get back to work. I was on the way to get an iced tea. How fitting! One of my greatest memories was sitting down having iced tea in those ribbed glasses.We would stop and have a glass of iced tea sometimes just because it was hot. Sometimes just because it tasted good, or went with a sandwich. And I just know that I was the only person in the world that mattered to her during that time we shared over tea.

Ok back to work. What are these papers doing on my desk? Why is my phone ringing?
"She's probably not going to make it."
Alright, we still have time. I shall leave work early and then I can be back for the rest of the week, so I can take next week off.

Rush. Rush. Rush. wait. Pray. Pray. Pray. Rush. Plane tickets are $1900 apiece! No way we can go today. Pray Pray PRAY. Then... just one more call. $250, one way, compassionate fares.

The whole family gets to go.

Sleep. 8 hours of the best sleep I would get for weeks.

Tuesday May 11th.
Everything is moving in slow motion. I have to get a family of 3 ready to go on a trip that I dont want to go on, to go to something I have never wanted to go to. I must pack warm clothes and cold clothes.... and furneral clothes. For a furneral that is not planned because the person hasn't died yet. And i should not believe will. I feel like I have a family of ten. Last time I planned this kind of trip, it took us 6 months to plan it out, and over a week to pack.

I have 6 hours.

To be continued...

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