Friday, June 18, 2010

Nana's Story, Part 2

Let's see where did I leave off? hmmm. Oh yes I hadn't begun to pack yet....

Coffee. That's where I will start. Who can I call? It seems like I should be calling someone.... Stephanie.
"How are you? Where are you guys at?"

"Just crossing the Maine border, how are you holding up?"

"As to be expected I guess." "How did you get pac
ked? I can't seem to get motivated."

"Oh, Laura, it was so hard! I could barely move! I felt like I was stuck in sand! I have no idea if we have everything we need, and we probably have more than enough of some other things!"

"Well, the good thing is, we will see each other

Oh, God! If she is having a hard time, how much harder will it be with us going across the whole country! I need your help!

"Mom! What was you told me not to forget?

" Oh, I told you I have some of his pajamas here, along with a few bottles."

10 minutes later....
"Mom, what was it that I am forgetting?"

20 minutes later...
"Laura, did you remember bottles? I have some here."

And on it went ALL day long. actually the scatter brain ness still hasn't left completely.
I rechecked the suitcase when will got home from work and I had 5 white shirts and no skirts. That's what I had packed. Oh, and a couple dresses. I took all the jean skirts out because of weight. (Don't worry they fit in the carry on later) With less then 10 minutes to spare we got it all repacked.

We finally made it to the airport, and checked to see if our carry-ons were the right size.....

We had a bit of time to wait in the airport and so we were all a bit antsy. Especially after rushing around all day, it seemed weird to just sit there... It was pretty quiet, although there were announcements periodically to watch your stuff, and "the curb is for unloading passengers only. Violators will be ticketed and towed".

My mom leaned over to get something out of her carry on and I heard a beeping sound, which I thought might be unrelated and could be something placed under my chair.... Considering the fact that the attendant told us that there were 10 FBI agents in the airport- I was a little worried.
Beep. Beeep Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

What is that?

Finally we searched my mom's bag, she had taken the cordless phone with her!!! We all laughed so hard!

Bentley and will occupied there time running up and down the stairs. I decided to join them upstairs after a bit. There were Lego's and a view of the runway. I laid down and almost fell asleep when we saw the plane come in. We we excited! Yes this trip was going to be hard, but it was still a plane ride, right! I hadn't been excited until then. I dreaded the trip. And I told myself, she has held on for this long- maybe she will still be alive and we can go and see her off to home. Yes, I am going to think positive!

We ran downstairs and saw my parents sitting solemnly. My dad wasn't playing with his geek toy, my mom wasn't rummaging in her bag. Then I noticed the tears. I knew.

She was gone.


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