Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is exhausting.
All of it.

Mommyhood. Wifehood. Grief. FATHER'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY!

But oh what a good tiredness! There is a peace that passes all understanding. And in all this busyness I know: I have a God.

By the way-
Hello there! I am not sure what all this is shaping up to be yet.
All I know is that the way I deal with tough stuff is to write.
One of the ways.
The other way is to laugh. A lot. But sometimes no one thinks thats funny.

So I have great aspirations. But I have had those before. At first I started this thinking that I would finish my story in just a few days if I worked straight, but I think I will mix it up a bit.
The writing of this story- whatever it turns out to be- is fitting because my Nana loved to write. She also loved to read my writings. She would say that this entire post is not grammatically correct. And she's right! So I can't stop thinking about her even as I write this.

So to mix it up: Bentley got his second hair cut.

And I got diapers for really cheap. Woot!
Rite Aid:
Buy 1 pack of Jumbo diapers- $8.99
use $3.00 off 1 coupon from
(gone, but they will put up more, theres some at that you can use anywhere)
Get a $2.00 single check rebate, and a $1 wellness reward

Buy 1 pack of pure and natural diapers- $8.99
use $2.50 off 1 coupon from
Get a $2.00 single check rebate, and a $1 wellness reward

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