Sunday, January 16, 2011

BILIOUS: a post generated by a random word

Bilious: A word generated 
by a random word generator
1. Of or pertaining to the bile.

2. Disordered in respect to the bile; troubled with an excess
of bile; as, a bilious patient; dependent on, or
characterized by, an excess of bile; as, bilious symptoms.

3. Choleric; passionate; ill tempered.

The Pig Pen.

What do you think the prodigal son thought that day he first entered the pig pen? I am sure at this point he was very disgusted that he had sunk this low. Imagine the smell! Imagine the filth. I wonder how long it took for him to get up the courage to eat the "cobs." Do you think he stuffed himself full? Or did he have to take small bites to get used to it? I think he probaley had to eat just a little bit at a time.

I wonder how long it took for him to get used to this. A couple days? A few weeks? By that point he was so dirty and had been living on this diet for so long, that it was easy to think there was no way out. The thought might have crossed his mind that leaving might be a good idea. I am sure he was thinking of his Father's home, and what he would miss out on if he never went home. Of course, the shame of what he had done, and his pride made him think that he never could return home. He knew that his Father and all those in his house would never look at him the same again.

However, he longed to be home. He longed to be in his father's presense, but he had strayed so far! He felt it was too far! Little did he know, his father was waiting for him daily, longing for him to show up- but each day he never came. Thoughts swirled through his mind constantly. He had nothing to keep his mind occupied. He watched the actions of the pigs, and maybe he felt remorse that even the piglets felt more love then him.

At what point do you think he got sick of the pig pen? Do you think it was when the temperature heated up? Maybe the weather changed? Or maybe it got cold even? I wonder if his thoughts turned to home, and he suddenly decided that he had sunk too low and had to get back. Maybe he got leftovers from a meal that he had feasted on at his Father's table. Whatever it was I am sure he didn't look back at the pig pen. He wanted to move forward and go as far from it as possible.

Oh I am sure he was reminded of the pig pen. After he had been home awhile, and it was his turn to go feed the pigs, I am sure he was reminded of the journey he made. Do you think there were some foods, some nourishment that he just couldn't seem to get enough of? Or maybe when they had the fatted calf he cringed inside?

Do you know that this world we are living in is a pig pen? The day will come when it will end. There is so much filth, and muck & mire, it is hard to focus on anything besides what is between the gates. But Jesus longs to have us home... and there will come a day where sadness shall end, and joy shall live forevermore.

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