Thursday, January 13, 2011

CRAW: A post generated by a random word

n : a pouch in many birds and some lower animals that resembles
a stomach for storage and preliminary maceration of food

ooooo boy... This is getting tough! Especially because I am determined to play by my own rules! (Going with the first thing that pops in my head, and not choosing another word unless something wouldn't be clean)

So the phrase that I thought of was "that really gets my craw" but Google tells me the phrase is "that sticks in my craw." From the definition above I now know that it means something is stuck in my stomach as I also found here:

Stick in One's Craw, To. To be unacceptable or repugnant. It has also been "crop" and "gizzard," all three expressions referring to the place in a bird's digestive tract where food is ground up. In the _Vindication of Sir Thomas Player_ one finds. "'Tis the Matter, not the Manner, that sticks in our Unworthy Respondents Gizzard."
From _The Dictionary of Cliches_ by James Rogers

OK so do you know what really "sticks in my craw" Bad parents. OK that can mean many things, and I am sure that all parents feel like they are not good at one point or another. But I am talking about parents that just don't care. Not- oh this happened by mistake, I am talking the ones that just don't care.


Ok so some of these are pretty funny I will have to admit, but in all
seriousness. Parenting is a serious job that should not be taken lightly.
These are little beings that we are responsible for! Their innocence is so precious,
let's not forget to preserve that! You can never be too safe, too cautious, or worry
too much when it comes to these little ones!! With that being said, we all have our moments... but
please just try your best! These lives depend on it!

and for a couple "bad parenting" photos of my own!

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  1. I question some of your bad parenting moments.
    People pay big money for a cardboard bassinets.
    As for the Starbucks photo your teaching ur child multiple things....
    1. to save $
    2. to drink plenty of water
    3. it's not good to become a social drinker hold his cup straight when it has a straw with a liquid that does not stain nor is stick when spilled
    5,to look cute doing it :-)


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