Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HECTARE: a post generated by a random word

hectare: a word generated by a random word generator

n : (abbreviated `ha') a unit of surface area equal to 100 ares
(or 10,000 square meters) 
There is about 1300 hectares in Fortuna, Ca (according to google. 
If you find something different let me know) I dont know how many there are in humboldt county... I am sure it is a lot.
We traveled 33.5 miles on Saturday and went here:
 Those are FISHES jumping out of the water!!! At the fish Hatchery in blue lake, ca.
 Ok that ladder looks hard for ME to climb, can you imagine being a FISH! (With no legs and No arms!!!)
 Awwwww! He still loves mama's kisses!!!

 Stardough's seriously has the best burgers EVER!!! YUM

 MORE fish!
 We like trying to get them to jump down the water fall

 Can you imagine swimming a HECTACRE?


  1. I purpose a week long challenge. What you need to do to win is use the word "Hectare" in a conversation for seven days straight. Then you will write a small dialogue on how you used it that day in your blog.

    me: Does your family own any property?
    LMWyatt: My Uncle three times removed owns a Hectare in the Parisian Country side.

    Whats the fun of a challenge without reward. If you can accomplish this task your reward will be Nothing but the GLORY. All right , I don't want to appear cheap you may also have bragging rights. :-)


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