Saturday, January 15, 2011

MORNING GLORY: A post generated by a random word

Morning Glory: A word generated by a random word generator
n : any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers
that close late in the day

Warning: Rambling ahead...
That's me! I feel like I also close late in the day. I am on any number 
of twinging vines, 
and then suddenly I droop after sundown. Why can't I pick one thing
and stick with it?  Right now I am working on making a wallet, making a
suit (HA!), couponing, setting up a coupon organizer, shopping at Rite Aid
almost daily, reading, cooking new things, reading a couple books, blogging....

I feel like my life is disorganized. Down to the very things I love to do. Why 
is there so few hours in the day? Why do I set such extemely high 
expectations for myself? I always fail in my own eyes. Okay. I promise to try 
harder to not do this.

Morning Glory is also one of 120 something color names I have memorized. 
It's abbreviation is MN. It comes in 7/16", 5/8", 1". 1 1/2", 2 1/2", and 4." 

Its actually very pretty. I must remind myself of this!


  1. As for the MN ribbon does it come in speckled velvet?
    As for organization prioritize your list of things to do. Schedule your day with time to work on one or two projects each day. Example give yourself 30 min a day to work on your blog 10 min for generating word of day and a free-write of five minutes of things you associate with the word. 5 min to organize thoughts; 15 min to write blog. you can easily read a chapter of a book during lunch and before bed. spend a half hour of each day messing with coupons. Limit yourself to an hour in Rite Aid a day. Then you can spend an hour or two on sewing on non-church nights. Of course please remember this list needs to inculde toddler breaks about every 5 minutes. And with this you will have a plan on paper that looks nice and will be appreciated by General Studies teachers. Of course, sticking to the plan never happens but you don't end up feeling like you accomplished nothing for the day. Even if all u did was get up, read your bible, pray and go to work.

  2. An hour in Rite Aid EVERY DAY??? That's craziness.. :)

  3. Could you imagine how bad you'd be if we had a Wal-Mart?
    Signs you Spend to much TIME at Rite Aid...
    1. You know all the Employees by name
    2. Employees know you by name
    3. Employees moan when you walk through the door
    4. You have Rite Aid telephone number on your speed dial


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