Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NIGHTINGALE: a post generated by a random word

nightingale- a word generated by a random word generator


1.A small, plain, brown and gray European song bird. It sings at night, and is celebrated for the sweetness of its song. 
Nana Loved birds... I miss her hummingbirds and watching her bird feeder. I think that there is something sweet about a little bird singing at night...  (Of course I might not think that in the morning if one was on my windowsill) Did you know that God knows when even a sparrow falls? I used to fall a lot. I fell one time at a HUGE conference in front of thousands of people. (and it showed on a big screen in front of everyone) I fell in 2nd grade and broke my arm. I was wearing rollar skates that were way too small for me... Can you find me in the picture?

 I also have had other "falls." I fell one time and disappointed a lot of people in my life. I ran away from home.  Did you know God saw that? And the best part is He cares!!! Seriously it was one of the most scariest experiences I have ever had. Every once in awhile I still learn something else that make me realize that I could have been dead so many times on that trip. But God was there. I remember laying my head against the car window staring into a black, black night wondering if I would ever see my Mom & Dad again. I didn't even know if God would even look at me. (That's just how I felt) I kinda looked up at the sky, and all of a sudden there was this huge white cross. There was a light that shown on it and it lit up the night from its spot in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road. Somehow (even though I don't have any crosses or believe in idols, etc) it made me remember Calvary, and that He was still there.

The hardest part about any fall is getting back up. Sometimes you fall and you think wow, this didn't hurt one little bit! THEN, you start to get back up and everything starts to smart. Life is the same way. It sure is a lot faster to fall down then it is to get back up!

Sometimes you simply trip and catch yourself. Those are the best kind! They make me call out, but I don't fall!

The thing to remember is when you fall, get back up! I mean what would happen if you didn't?
You would still be there!

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  1. The main character in a Hans Christian Anderson tale. The story goes the king of China has a nightingale who he loves to hear sing. One day The King is given a mechanical bird and the real nightingale is returned to the forest. One day soon after the King falls death ill and the nightingale returns to the kings side. The nightingale's song is so beautiful that it stops death in its track. It's a beautiful story about one of love's greatest characteristic the ability to forgive when it is misused. This is a trait of love that humans tend to forget.


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