Monday, January 10, 2011

REFRESHMENT: A post generated by a random word

As you know I am horrible about posting regularly. I stumbled accross this blog and decided that this was an awesome idea! Basically I am too far behind to ever catch up, but there are many many things and pictures that I would love to share. So! I will generate a random word every (well almost every) day and whatever event, picture, person, place, thing, scripture that said word associates with in my head I will share! Sound good? Ok so GENERATE:

 n 1: snacks and drinks served as a light meal
We made this beautiful platter at Bentley's impromptu birthday party.
This was made from Lunchables that were FREE from Safeway.
(They were 10 for $10 and I had $1 off coupons which made them FREE!)
We bought over 40 of these and they were a GOD SEND during the first four weeks
after we made the down payment on Will's school bill!I could now talk about my dad, Bentleys birthday party or a million other
subjects, but to stay on topic; another refreshment:
This was a toaster cake that I made for Crystal's birthday almost 2 years ago.
She was very surprised!
I wanted the pretty marbling to show, so I left some of the frosting off. Then I tried to make it a layered cake, but this happened. It looked like a toaster, so I made it one!!!

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  1. I remember that toaster cake. I remember it falling to its side, but it tasted good. I also remember other important lessons of the day. Like how a sugar holder makes a great sauce dish. Its not a good idea to schedule a vet appointment on the same day you plan an impromptu b-day party. And Most importantly never but frozen Cat-fish. And of course there was the common knowledge of always expect the unexpected. Cry was suppose to be house sitting the nite before, but they came home early. The good news was cry beat us to her house,so the surprise was not ruined.


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