Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What do you do when you see change?
Does it make you quiver and shake with fear or excitement? Does it make you cry or make you laugh or both? Do you avoid change at all costs? Or do you embrace it with everything you've got?
Do you create change or let it create you?

What do you do when you touch change?
I usually gather it all up and spend it on coffee. If no one is around. Or depending on who they are.
Bentley loves to take change and put it in his piggy bank... Hopefully we can keep him saving it and never teach him to spend it lol. If you had $4.00 in change what would you do with it? Would you get a gallon of milk? A gallon of gas? Spend it on coffee? Give it to the Sunday School?

What do you do when you hear change?

If someone told you something that would change your life for the better how would you react?
If someone told you something that would alter your life in a bad way how would you react?
If you hear a sound every day of your life and it changes what would you do?

We recently got smartphones... Will feels the need to wake up to a different alarm clock every morning. This changes my dreams dramatically. Sometimes I am on a freight train, sometimes I am in church, sometimes I have no idea where I am.

What do you do when you taste change?
There are tastes that change in my kitchen everyday. I am a distracted cooker. Every once in awhile I will focus and make something good. Sometimes things can taste very strange.

Did you know McDonalds CHANGED their ice cream? its not smooth anymore and I can taste it.

What do you do when you feel change?

This is the big stuff. This the feeling you get that life as you know it will never ever be the same. This is a deep rooted fear that things will not be okay. This is the peace that you have in knowing the one the created and orchestrated it all. This is kicking the enemy between the teeth and shouting: "YES I will go on!" "YOU can't stop me!"


Have you watched someone react to change and end up changing themselves? Sometimes change has to happen. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad.....
Bentley is learning how to change his clothes. This makes Mama want to pull her hair out. But this change has to happen! He has to learn how to do this every day!

Change is comin! What will you do with it?

 Please note the following pictures may or may not have anything to do with this post. Thank you.
What. Is. On. My. Head?

Well maybe if I just hold still Mom will take it off!

Cuter than the dog on my shirt!

Notice Foot. Notice water. notice how far away it is!!! WOW

PLease. Please do not fall!

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  1. I CAN'T Believe you used the CH word.
    That how a lot of people respond to change; nobody likes it, in fact, most people dread it.
    But I've learned through life's events that change transpires, However; you never have to face it alone. Jesus is right by your side if you will allow it.
    When change comes and in the times when I don't know how to respond and feel like I'm walking on the edge of a cliff in the darkest part of a cloudy moonless nigh. I'm gonna remember that I'm choosing not to walk alone.


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