Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving with a Toddler part 1

My poor baby thinks we're crazy! If we aren't putting things outside we're putting them in a box! I have learned a lot so far.
1. Don't try to remove something without him noticing.
2. Let him play with the the things that are leaving. Chances are you are getting rid of them for a reason and he won't play with them long.
2 Expect him to pick up on your emotions. He is a little human too!
3. Find nonsense jobs. Put these pads of paper in a stack. Move all these shoes into a different box. "Sweep" the floor. He wants to feel like he's helping!
4. Check boxes near where he's playing for thins like food, your keys, random toys, the cat, etc.
5. Try to keep some routine.
6. Talk to him about what's going on. Even if he doesn't understand your words he understands your tone and will usually calm down.
7. Pray
8. A lot!
9. And play good music.

Stay tuned. Here's some pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I feel... There is a call. (serious post)

I feel like crying.
I feel like screaming.
I feel like Im grieving.

I feel like whispering
I feel like laughing
I feel so happy

I feel like lifting my hands
I feel like opening my mouth
I feel like worshiping

I feel like stamping my feet
I feel like shouting
I feel like praising

I feel so weak
I feel so strong
I feel like its been so long

I want to run.
I want to leap.
I want to fall on my face in tears

I want to shout
I want to sing
I want to sit in prayer

Where are we going? Where have we been? There is a call.

Intercession has begun, God we need you more than ever.
There is a call and we must go. There is a call and we must answer.

There is a striving, a thriving, a confiding, a coliding.
Where is the need? Who will intercede?
I see them asking... Who will answer?
I hear them begging... Who will come?

God here we are... God here we go.