Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving with a Toddler part 1

My poor baby thinks we're crazy! If we aren't putting things outside we're putting them in a box! I have learned a lot so far.
1. Don't try to remove something without him noticing.
2. Let him play with the the things that are leaving. Chances are you are getting rid of them for a reason and he won't play with them long.
2 Expect him to pick up on your emotions. He is a little human too!
3. Find nonsense jobs. Put these pads of paper in a stack. Move all these shoes into a different box. "Sweep" the floor. He wants to feel like he's helping!
4. Check boxes near where he's playing for thins like food, your keys, random toys, the cat, etc.
5. Try to keep some routine.
6. Talk to him about what's going on. Even if he doesn't understand your words he understands your tone and will usually calm down.
7. Pray
8. A lot!
9. And play good music.

Stay tuned. Here's some pictures.


  1. Is this all really happening? Is it a dream? Wow, I never knew when 2011 came in that this would be in the plans. But God did, and when He moves, HE MOVES! And if we're smart we move with Him!

    Love you so much, I enjoy your blog!!!


  2. 10. Starbucks every day or Jitter Bean
    11. Have strange friends who ave even stranger friends that will help you pack at all hours of the day. an added bonus is a is the even stranger friend of a friends little sister.


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