Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am not sorry. " I choose to be happy!"

So I am not going to apologize. You see every time I have gone to post I have been needed by a toddler or by something else in our household. Or I have been spending quality time with my mother or my husband or my father... Or unpacking a mound of boxes... Or etc etc... I wont bore you with any more of that... I will just show you in the pictures below :o)
So today I went to my random word generator to get a word, but they were all too negative. I need to google "POSITIVE word generator" I guess! I do not want to be negative. A friend of ours joined us for dinner after church sunday night and made the statement, " I choose to be happy! I will not be sad anymore!" Its so true, happiness is a CHOICE!
I refuse to be negative any longer!
Today was a hard day for our family. Today would have been my Nana's birthday. Thank God she is in heaven reaping her reward! I am so glad to know where she's at!!!
Thank God for the sweetest little boy in the world who took me on a date to Starbucks and whispered secrets in my ear and wasn't afraid to give me kisses in front of everyone!!
And thank God for friends that will make fun of you.. ;)

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  1. choice a poweful word.
    Happiness is a choice, do is despair
    Truth is a choice but so are lies
    satisfiaction is a choice but so is living in the mundane.
    Choice it binds and it frees. It builds and destorys.
    Choice also ripples like a stone being tossed in a still pool of water it just does not affect ourselves but those who surrond us.


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