Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embarrassing moments

I started this post a week or so ago but I think I could write one of these every day....

It was a Monday at Jack in the Box
I forgot to lock the bathroom door...
No details will be given so don't even ask.

Today it's Tuesday...
Toast Tuesday!

Which is why I thought toast should be served with dinner...

So tonight My dad goes: Why are you making toast? I go, because we dont have garlic bread? uh... sounded good to me! I thought they wouldn't even notice LOL. They did.

(pic from

I currently am making dinner almost every night for My dad, My husband, and my 2 year old. It is always an adventure because do to working full-time and us not really eating a whole lot of meat, I am used to mostly frozen dinner meals and such. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I am trying harder to make meals! My mom is such an AWESOME help, but too bad shes in Maine right now... so I get try out crazy things on the guys!!

Like the BLT recipe that I realized too late was supposed to be an appitizer.. Link HERE
Um that's a MINI- sandwich. And mine DID NOT look like this...

Or the chicken that was raw... (THANK you hunny for saving me on that one!)

Speaking of chicken... I bought a WHOLE chicken (2 WHOLE chickens to be exact) and from my Chicken Enchiladas Recipe, all I had to do was boil the chicken and then shred it. Easy right? Uh... I had never touched a whole chicken before... (One time I got a cornish game hen but it pretty much made me cry to cook it... )
So I ask my husband who says, "Just rip it open and put in the crockpot." (I am deathly afraid of raw chicken juices I found out) So I say: "How?" 
"Just tear it open!"
"Okay, now what?"
(Getting irritated, if you can imagine that) "Take out the gizzards and stuff."
"The WHAT?!?"
"The package of gizzards and liver in the middle, unless you want liver?"
"Uh no. How do I do that?"
"Just reach your hand in the uh.....rear parts and take them out..."
"MY HAND? Inthere? Ugh Ok Gross gross ewwwww, what do I do with them?"
"Put them in the trash!"

I have no idea why he was irritated about this....

Anyone have any good recipes to share? (oh and by the way the enchiladas were REALLY good) I can take a pic of leftovers...