Thursday, November 17, 2011

25 reasons why I am thankful to be 25...

So I think its pretty fitting that I make a comeback on my birthday LOL..... and it is all thanks to Cherie!, who I may add may be writing some guest posts soon... Stay tuned! (start writing Cherie!!!)

I am thankful
when I was 1. for Cake
when I was 2.That I didn't die when I fell out of my high-chair on my 2nd birthday
when I was 3. for more Cake
when I was 4. for chocolate and ....................Cake.
when I was 5. for receiving the Holy Ghost when I was 5
when I was 6. for my parents while I started public school
when I was 7. that I didn't die when I fell and broke my wrist.
when I was 8 that I didn't die when I found a moldy sandwich in my desk in front of the whole 3rd grade class
when I was 9. that my mom didn't die in her car accident
when I was 10 that I didn't die when I crashed through a glass window or I had tendinitis.
when I was 11 for the privilege of graduating elementary school TWICE and getting TWO trips
when I was 12 For God's mercy when I tried to leave Him.
when I was 13 for surviving the move to Las Vegas
when I was 14 For God's healing power when I had a "HOLE IN MY FOOT"
when I was 15 For God's mercy when I walked out on Him... again.
when I was 16 for meeting the Love of my life and finding GOD'S PERFECT WILL!
when I was 17 for God's comfort and peace surrounding our church family during the accident
when I was 18 for MARRYING the love of my life
when I was 19 for giving us the strength to STAY married!!!! Thank you Jesus!
when I was 20 for God's power to overcome ANY trial!
when I was 21 for God's mercy
when I was 22 for giving me the greatest miracle... a bouncing baby boy..
when I was 23 for surviving viral meningitis and the death of my Nana.
when I was 24 for God's direction and hand in our lives as he picked us up and moved us to a new town and a new chapter in our lives.

when I AM  25 for cake. 
and coffee. 

and revival!

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