Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have cookies on my heart.

It is in the wee hours of the morning that I get my best thinking done. Sometimes I have had a busy evening and all of a sudden it is morning and as I sit and contemplate all that I have not gotten done I figure out what I need to do... Prioritize. And pray. All my life I have tried to write daily. I have tried diligently to keep a journal. I was successful for a couple years during the hardest times of my life. It is with great joy that I can look back and read those entries and look at what God brought me from. Now I try to blog... hahaha.

My heart is so overwhelmed with gratefulness to my creator. And where do I go when I am overwhelmed? To the ROCK that is higher than I!!! That just tells me greater days are to come!

Honestly, many aspects of my day to day have not changed. (many have for the better!) I still get up, get dressed, get a toddler dressed, and dressed again and dressed again, eat breakfast, do laundry, run errands...

Oh but the moments come, where I must pause what I am doing and remember- Wow! Look what the Lord has done!

There are moments of sanity and moments of INSANITY for instance-

Yesterday my mom, Bentley and I went to Target. I needed to run into Dollar Tree for a minute so she stayed in the car. Bentley wanted to spend his $1 too, so we were taking a little extra time. She decided to come in. She locked the car, making sure that my keys were not still in the ignition. Imagine my surprise when I came outside and they were! And the car was locked! I noticed a missed call on my phone from my husband as I  tried to call him (he has our spare and of course our AAA membership just expired) however he was busy. Why was he busy? BECAUSE HE HAD JUST LOCKED BOTH SETS OF KEYS IN HIS WORK TRUCK! He was wanting me to run home and meet him with the third set!!! Amazingly enough he had just gotten a leatherman and he was able to pick his lock, and then come save me. These are the moments that take my breath away.

Bentley has one thing to say. "Mom, I have cookies on my heart."

Don't we all. Oh don't we all.