Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting ready to have a fun day!!!

 We are having a SUNDAY FUN day tomorrow at church! 
Everyone is so excited we can hardly stand it! 
We are going to have a Bounce House, snow cones, pizza, 
a cake walk, JAMBA JUICE, an obstacle course and so much more!!! 
It was decided that I must post a picture... or two... or three of the preparations....
 So here is what I found... 
I also may or may not have heard voices, 
or made up voices or jokes in my head as I was taking pictures. 
They also may or may not be funny. 
You decide. 
It does help if you read the captions out loud and they may or may not be funnier that way.

Of course you could always make up more captions and comment. That would be even funnier!

There will be candy. Enough Said!

"I. can. not. wait. to. sell. bottles. of. water."
Should we have free pony rides? Hmmm.
STEPHANIE: "Alissa is going to sell CUPCAKES!"
ALISSA: "I am going to have to sell HOW MANY?"

ALISSA:"That's OK! You have to wear a poodle skirt!"

STEPHANIE:"A What?" ALISSA: Silence. Smiles

They are working on the aging Booth. Wait-Is that next to the Guess your age booth?
"We are having a Fun Day tomorrow? Oh, I just made a 84 point words on words with friends!"

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  1. Hahahahhahaa!!!
    That's funny :))

    My poor


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