Thursday, March 1, 2012

When I wash my dishes I have JOY!

I have a really hard time doing housework. I get so distracted! I will admit I also just get in a funk... I am a PROCRASTINATOR!
I don't want to do the dishes!
I don't want to do ANY more laundry!
I look at all these chores as simply that CHORES.
However these are NOT simply chores! They are ways that I get to bless my family!
(for those of you that have heard of her you will read lots of FlyLady in this post lol)

I wash those shirts and pants so Will can work and look so handsome in his uniform.
I wash Bentley's blankets so he can have something soft to snuggle with when he sleeps. There is love and pride in my family that goes into every fold and every crease. These dishes I wash create a spot to eat lovingly made meals off of. (even if they are burnt because the knob on our stove is backwards and I never know how high I am cooking so I guess and I am always wrong)

My mom had a dream about this. She dreamed that we were at a Ladies' Meeting and I got up and testified! I told how I just moved into a new house with a window over the sink and I have always had a hard time doing dishes but now I can look out the window and it gives me JOY! Mom said that I testified and said over and over... I do my dishes and I get JOY!... I do my dishes and I get JOY!... I look out the window and I get JOY! Joy! Joy!JOY!

 And I really have always had a hard time keeping my dishes done! Until I learned a lot of lessons through FlyLady and others. You can do ANYthing in fifteen minutes at a time! Time how long it takes you to do your dishes! I know that you will be surprised! Lace up your shoes, set a timer and go to town on a project you hate... Washing dishes, folding clothes, sorting mail, whatever- Just get up and do it!
I still have not charged my camera so this is a phone pic but you get  the idea...

Now this is a view out my window... And actually it does bring me JOY! However my joy comes from serving my family, that view is just an added bonus.

I gotta stop writing- I gotta go do the dishes... :)

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