Monday, April 23, 2012

It's hot.

The cat moved her kittens, because my dad came over and tortured them all. Then it got hot. Or just hotter.

Then one started screaming incessantly,
So mama cat moved it to the corner. Time-out! Lol.
Actually it was the runt, so maybe she was giving it some alone time...

A couple services ago, our Pastor climbed on the pulpit.
A couple of the most annointed services ever. Reaching out for souls. Awesome stuff.


  1. And you say I'm Random. I have still not seen the kitties. Now I've been thinking of names u can suggest to people as they go to their new homes
    black- Meyako
    White- Banshee
    Gray- Smog or Smoggy
    Orange- Popsicle
    Striped- Tora


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