Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I almost didn't go to church tonight.

I strongly considered it. Or tried to find something that would make sense for me going exactly how I was. ( cleaning house and heat: it wasnt pretty)
You see there was a very big obstacle in my way. I couldn't brush my teeth or comb my hair. (No not the duffle bag that I still haven't found a home for. No one sees it, unless I post pictures of it on the internet. Don't judge. )
For some of you this may seem funny but not to me. Ok maybe a little bit. But not to Bentley either, he just blows on it and said, "I touched it!"

Why do we let such big fears stand in our way sometimes? When really they are just little things that we can jump over? ( which I did, and made a big mess and a mad dash out of my bathroom)

God is bigger than all our problems, but sometimes we are too! Of course, God can fix it all, but we are made to be more than conquerors too!

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  1. an eight legged freak, is that a wolf spider. It looks like the one in the jar with a pink lid. Your mom was saying that it has been in the jar since mothers day and it was still alive on Monday. ewwe


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