Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The bridegroom is more special than the best man!

Katy and Xi
Were peas of a pod... Or flocks of a sweater... How does that go??? Lol

I am sorry that the pics were not in order yesterday... Can't fix it without a computer ugh... Look for edits on these post when I get home LOL!!! EDITED NOW! :)

We got set up and found out our job duties and schedules. I am really excited to be working in arts and crafts and with the bank! I am just so happy to be here, I don't mind anything there is to do!!!
The evangilist  at night is from Ohio. I am not sure his name, I will have to update that, but he was so good, so annointed!- Bro. Scott Kerr from Ohio- I am such a dork lol...

He was talking about John the Baptist being the greatest man because he baptized Jesus, but actually we are even better because we are his bride!! (I am not making this as awesome as he did by any means...)

John the Baptist was born with the Holy Ghost, he never spoke in tongues as God gave the utterance, and just like a husband is not thinking of his best man on his wedding day, but his wife-our bridegroom is thinking of his bride!!!
Can't wait for tomorrow!

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