Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pacific Coast Camp: Jesus wears Pajamas! LONG POST!!

I am so sorry I did not post the rest of these pictures until now. I got really really sick at camp, and after I came home I got even worse sick... UGH...

So SO worth it though. Camp was, as usual Awesome beyond words. Bro. Scott Kerr ( I learned his name, lol) and Bro. John John Lambeth were so annointed in their preaching. Of course, We also enjoyed Bro. Bohannon ( I am SO sorry I know I am not spelling his name right) in Children's Church!

 When God shut the door on the ark, no one else could get in!

When Gabriel blows that trumpet (although I am not sure God will call him on his cell phone to tell him to do it) The doors will shut, and no one else will get in!

One night, Bro Kerr got down to business and preached such an amazing message- Tears Won't Fix Everything. He spoke about staying pure until marriage, and yes, you can come back after leaving church, but there is always consequences. He spoke so many things that seemed to come straight from my heart! Do not think you need to leave church to go get a testimony!!! You have a testimony already! He spoke about how backslidders find it so hard to share their testimony, and they don't tell you how hard it is to face those consequences, sometimes on a daily basis. (paraphrasing, I know). Man, if he had asked for someone to share their story, and back him up and agree with him right them, I totally would have. It was so heartbreaking to think of someone leaving and having to go through trying to come back or not making it back.

I beg of you, anyone out there that has questions about your faith, seek help!! Anyone that wants more of my testimony: PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me! If you are thinking of walking away, remember: it is a VERY long journey back!!!!

 OK, these girls have some of the BEST voices in Pentecost,

 with a BEAUTIFUL piano player as well. 
Girls- Please think about making a CD, because WOW! 
They sang a song, and sang it better than the group that wrote it!
 Of course, Annointing, and THE NAME of JESUS mean so much, 
but WOW! Seriously! You girls rock!!!
(and their blog is HERE)

Speaking of Awesome, Anointed singing-
What an incredible choir we had this year! Most anointing we have felt in a LONG time!!!  

 Praying in the altars. Beautiful!!! Bro. John John Lambeth preached against sin in the camp! Get it out!!!

Wednesday night after church there was such a beautiful lingering of God's presence in the Altar! 

These precious young people stayed in the Altar all the way until curfew!!!

Poor little guy had allergies SO bad towards the end of the week!! This was during one of the last services...He had an ear infection, and during the night God healed him! He had woken up complaining of it hurting, and we just prayed the name of Jesus! He fell asleep, and the next morning all pain was GONE! When my mom asked him about it the next day he exclaimed, "Jesus wears Pajamas!"
Yes, Baby he sure does!!!

 This wonderful group came all the way from GEORGIA! They raised money for all of their airfare, their Pastor and his wife's airfare, camp registration, etc. What a great addition to our camp! Angelo Alvear's blog is HERE.

Take a Seat Daddy! I'll stand....
I will even push you!!!

One night,  Bentley was sitting in his stroller yelling, and quite honestly I wasn't listening. We were outside, no worries. I tuned in to what he was saying. He was yelling "Sis-TER March-Banks WHERE ARE YOU?" "I need you to come and take my PIC-TURE"
Well, lol. So I took a couple to send to her...

Where did Bentley go? All bundled up in the pile of blankets- sound asleep. Many were jealous! LOL

Arts and Crafts was SO much fun! What a blast we had making things! As you can see Bentley and our security guard got into it as well!!!

 OH, the sadness and the MESS of going home... What a process. See the tent that Will is taking down? That was an answer to prayer for our neighbor. SIX DOLLARS at a thrift shop. She had a tent that was like four feet by 3 feet or something crazy. Like, I think it was a doggie tent or something, not big enough for doing hair, that is for sure!! The first night she had to go put the tent on and go to bed, I think....

Anyways the new/old tent was HUGE! It was bigger than ours! God is SO good to meet ALL our needs!!!

There was bird on top of our mini-van tweeting and tweeting for all he was worth. Then he flew in our tent, and I was tweeting quite loudly!!! Whew! You can not come home with us little birdie!

These people were from Manchester, NH!!! (Not really, but awesome to see my hometown on the side of their trailer!!!)

Mac Donald Glasses... Woot!!!
 SO glad to see BEEPA again! Awwww...


  1. Once again I am always happy to read your blogs......and yet so thankful that I don't have to read them from miles away!! Love you soooo much!

  2. Aww...that is very sweet of you to say those things about us! Thank you :)
    It was nice seeing you at camp!



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