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Bentley Blurt

Bentley: Are Mama and Daddy and Bentley married?

Mama: No, just Mama and Daddy

Bentley (upset): But I want to get married!!

Mama: Well, you will have to find a girl to marry!

Bentley: Oh. (Smiles)

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Caption Contest

No prize for this one, just nothing but the glory!!! Fire away...

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Old Blog Posts

I do not remember what my reasoning was, but when I started blogging I had another blog, and then I started this one. Well I just realized how to merge the two blogs together. There were a couple good posts on there! And of course many pictures of baby Bentley. You can find these posts in the archive to your left. They are all from 2009. I think the best one was
or maybe
Real Love Stories Don't have endings

Wow. Good thing my mother taught me how to laugh at myself. Thank God that we all grow in Him daily!
One thing is for sure:

He's Still Working on ME!!! LOL

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GUEST POST: Bentley's Mammie

Laura has asked me to submit a guest blog.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Laura’s Mom and Bentley’s Mammie…a name that Bentley has chosen to call me!  It has been a great life being Mom to Laura and Mammie to Bentley……let’s see did I say that right….just checking to make sure I didn’t mix it up.  It would be just awful if I said I was Laura’s Mammie…lol  God has truly blessed me! 

I was so glad I gave in and went!   I was going to stay home and watch Bentley while Laura attended the Home School convention However, deciding to go brought much laughter and happiness along with some serious discussions into the next 2 days of my life!  Laura and I have a very unique relationship.  We can be talking about the most serious stuff and in a moment’s notice be laughing hysterically.  A lot of times we get to share those hilarious moments because we have the same sense of humor and can tell why the other one thinks something is funny.  One mood never seems to subtract from the other…… a serious moment never seems to prevent us from inserting a hilarious launch of laughter.  And, as quick as we enter a hilarious moment we can be brought back to seriousness quite quickly.    This all being said, makes for a very eventful trip wherever we go!

After circling and circling the motel we finally found where we were supposed to park.  At one point I suggested we drive up a flight of stairs because there did not seem to be any other way to get where we needed to go.  Of course, that was not an option.  GPS was not helping us at all!  It was however assisting Dad to follow us on google latitude and as soon as we pulled into a parking space….ring ring ring…..voice on other end….” I wondered when you were gonna land”.  Dear Hubby had been following and seeing that we were going around and around our motel.  We thought that was very funny!!

The longer I live the more I become a fan of homeschooling.  Public schools are becoming less and less of an option.  As I attended the evening session Thursday night, I was very impressed with the speakers and how passionate they were about making sure their kids got an education including the guidelines written for us in God’s Word!  This world has worked ferociously  trying to obliterate anything “Christian” from our education system.  Parents now have to fight to be able to retain what they can and reclaim what they have lost.  It is the right of every American to be able to teach their children how to live using the Bible as a textbook!

Friday, was a great day for Mammie and Bentley.  I took him to the KidSpace Museum and Carlos went too, and Bentley and I greatly enjoyed him being with us. 

We went to a children’s play area at first and Bentley had a lot of fun there using hands on displays of all kinds.  He got to finger paint, then play with magnets of all kinds, climbed up high on a rock climbing exhibit, painted on a wall, and much more. 

We had lunch and got some of our energy back, then went outside to the playground.  He had so much fun and Carlos treated us to ice cream.  Yum Yum!

I got Bentley a book on bugs and he chose to get a magnifier just like Mammie’s!  Only he was disappointed it did not have a string and was black and not clear.  (I wear a magnifier around my neck because I am legally blind)  Bentley has been very intrigued with this since being an infant.

It was getting very warm and humid so we decided to go back to the convention center.   It would soon be time to start for home.  Laura and Granna finished up at the exhibition center and soon we would be on our way.  It was wonderful that Granna had suggested this convention to Laura and that she was able to go with her to the convention.  She is a retired 3rd grade teacher and knows first hand of the Public School’s agenda.  She was excited to be a part of Bentley’s education in the planning stages.  It was great to be able to spend time once again with Granna and Carlos!

Laura had this far out idea that we were gonna stop at Chick Fil A.  Not so far out, you say?  Well it was…..believe me.  She came all prepared.  She had read online that if you dressed as a cow, Chick Fil A would give you a free entree’ or meal.  She really was expecting me to dress as a cow!  I didn't bring anything black or white with me, I told her.  She would not take no for an answer, “I’ll share” she said.  We FINALLY found Chick Fil A and dressed up in their parking lot.  We had previously called Dad to ask for directions because GPS had a major attitude once again.  He had given us directions.  So, while we were in the parking lot donning our black and white paper costumes, he called to see if we had found it ok.  “What are you doing?” he asked.  I said we are in the parking lot dressing up as cows!!  I will never forget his roar of laughter as long as I live!!!  Laura, you did it again!!  You got me to do something I never thought I would do!

We didn’t get home ‘til almost one in the AM but we had a blast.  I was so glad that I went.  The traffic could have been a little less and I would have been fine with that.  But we had the Name of Jesus to call on and we didn’t hesitate to use it!  He got us there and back with no problem.  Why do we even have to worry…….I am trying to do better with that….I really am, Laura!  Lol  Thank you God for a wonderful time!

Number One Grandson right here!!

Life Tabernacle Members witness a miracle at City Council Meeting

That is what the title of the article in our city paper SHOULD have read. The city was proposing to annex an area that our church is located. If this proposal had gone through it would have cost our church thousands of dollars to be hooked up to city water, put in sidewalks, etc. Our church has been going to the meetings and speaking out, as well as walking the neighborhood and getting signatures on a petition. We understood that the council was not in our favor, but we kept praying! Just when we thought it was all over, and changing our prayers to God help us find these thousands of dollars: he came through! The motion was made and the entire city council voted to cease ALL annexation proceedings!! Thank you Jesus! Thank You for Your angels surrounding us at Town Hall!

Here is the article from the Porterville Recorder. The reporter quoted Bro. Alvarado, Bro. Hall, and myself!

Council decides against annexation

Residents pleased by decision
Residents of 167 parcels along an area west of North Main Street can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are not a part of Porterville.

In a unanimous vote of four, the City Council decided to “cease” its annexation proceedings. Councilman Greg Shelton was recused from the decision because he owns property in the vicinity of area “B”, one of the islands that was to be annexed.

Many of the residents feared that no matter what was said, the council would move to annex the five islands that made up Annexation 475. When this didn’t happen, people in attendance, like Laura Wyatt, found themselves pleasantly surprised by the turn of events.
“I am thankful for the council finally hearing the voice for the people,” Wyatt said. “I hope that for future decisions, more people come out and express a voice, because it really does change things in government.”

Much of the rhetoric was to remind the council of the fact that the people living in the unincorporated area were entitled to not only be heard by the council, but to have the council act on their opinions. Johnny Alvarado, who attended prior hearings and informational meetings, felt that the council decided to do the right thing, at the present time, because of the people that were there. However, he isn’t sure about what will happen in the future.

“I’m glad they voted the way they did,“ Alvarado said. “I believe that eventually it (the annexation) will happen, I don’t know when. But I believe that the presence of the people heavily influenced the council,” especially Councilmen Cameron Hamilton and Brian Ward.

A very tense group of people filled the council chambers. Vice-Mayor Pete McCracken ran the meeting due to the fact that Mayor Virginia Gurrola could not attend in person, and verbally reprimanded the audience a few times for their outbursts, or comments that were made when council members were speaking. Gurrola listened and participated in the meeting via telephone, and was a part of the final vote.

Most of the people gathered were concerned with the 91.67 acres in the A-1 area, including members of Life Tabernacle Church, which is located on Main Street. Along with the desire to make the council aware of how many were against the annexation, those gathered were concerned that the council member who might best represent their interests would not be a part of the vote.

One audience member, Jessie Hall, stood up to speak on this concern during the oral communications period.

“We feel that all voices are very necessary to represent all of us,” Hall said, asking whether the city could adjust the annexation plan so Shelton could participate.

According to Community Development Director Brad Dunlap, the original notification of the annexation divided it up into multiple proceedings. Because of this, the council could decide to once again divide the area up into two or more sections, and vote on the annexation of those areas independently of each other. Ward pointed out that the reason why the annexation proceeding had been tabled back in May, was, in part, to determine whether multiple annexations would cost more than a single annexation. Staff determined that there would be no extra cost.

“My understanding is that the vast majority of people out there would like Councilman Shelton to participate,” Ward said.

Shelton himself made a movement that could have satisfied the audience’s wish, in the form of voting to rescind the previous decision to handle the annexation in a single motion, which would allow Shelton to take part in the A-1 annexation area vote. City Attorney Julia Lew noted that even if the council voted to reverse its last decision, from a legal standpoint, Shelton’s presence on the final vote on the A-1 annexation would make the council vulnerable to accusations that they’d made an invalid decision.

“I just want to make sure that everything is done procedurally correct,” Lew said. “So whatever the decision of the council is, it will be ultimately enforceable.”

The law, Lew said, requires that everyone who participates in the vote be fully aware of all the available information on the subject, including comments made at earlier public hearings. Shelton said he knew enough to make an informed decision, but Lew said that he could only make this claim if he had read the official minutes of previous meetings, which he had not, because they were not compiled yet.

Roy Macomber took the podium first to present the City Council with petitions that he and members of Faith Tabernacle Church had circulated.

“Life Tabernacle, Ed Graham and myself distributed petitions against annexation into the city,” Macomber said handing City Manager John Lollis copies to distribute to the council. “According to the paper I got from the city, of the 175 parcels, we have a minimum of 109 parcel owners that have signed against going into the city. That is an average of over 90% against.”

Many in the audience approached the podium to voice various concerns after which Ward spoke up to say that he sided with the audience, stating that the city should not force an annexation on people who did not want to be in the city. He also stated his displeasure with the way the Shelton conflict-of-interest matter had been handled by the council.

McCracken then called for a motion to be made, and when none of the other City Council members spoke up, moved to cease the annexation proceedings all together.

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Happy 4th!!

A fellow and his wife in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where the people are all patriots, were blessed with the birth of twins, two identical girls. These twins were born on the 4th of July, and the father, being patriotic, said to his wife, "We will name them Liberty and Justice, after the Pledge of Allegiance."

His wife said, "Are you nuts? You can't have girls going through life with names like Liberty and Justice. We're going to name them regular girl's names like Mary or Jane."

Well, the argument went on for about a month, when a compromise was reached. They would each name one of the girls. The man chose Liberty and the wife picked Elizabeth.

As the girls grew, they were so identical, they kept pulling tricks on people who couldn't tell them apart.

Finally, when they were about 18, a young man took interest in them. He would take one or the other out on a date but he was never sure which one he was with. He decided he would marry one of them, or both if he could get away with it, but he wasn't sure which one he would marry if he could only get one.

He went to the girls' father and explained his quandary. "I love your daughters and want to marry one of them, but I can't tell them apart, so I will leave it up to you. Give me Liberty or give me Beth."