Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Changes

I finally figured out how to add a blogroll!!! Let me know if I am missing anyone....

I really need a new header at the top, so if anyone feels it laid on their heart to help me out, let me know! :) I will give you full credit if desired of course!!!

What are the main things you look for in a blog??? Be thinking because there's a poll coming soon!!! I really am thinking about getting on a schedule on here...

Thank you to all my readers!! I guess I will keep posting because in the month of June I had almost 500 hits! ( that still is little I know, but it makes me feel special that someone cares lol!!!)


  1. Just an idea.....Cutest Blog on the Block has backgrounds with matching headers. The headers are very easy to customize.

  2. Well since I'm will known for giving my opinion. I would suggest you ask Cherie for instructions on how she created the college for the Wakefileds.
    Bloggers want daily post.
    Just because I have to tell someone I have discovered the formula for Garbers apples baby food with the same aftertaste, while i was making a smoothy


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