Thursday, July 19, 2012


Look to your left for a poll... Please answer it!!
Also comments on this post may or may not result in a GIVE AWAY! Comment away!!!


  1. ok so I love the telephone poll!! lol no really I'll comment on any post for free stuff! :)

  2. This pole is lacking in character. I highly suggest you ask bebop for the picture of the pole at the corner of Newburg and South Fortuna BLVd. That pole could tell some stories. A close-up of the pole could be used for a fun guess what this is game. You could even use that pole to inspire poetry. This pole needs some help I purpose an early morning (like noon) get together and we dress this pole for the summer. May I suggest using bright pink and yellow steamers and planting a couple of flamingo cut outs in front of it. But I'm open to other ideas; there are a lot more poles in the county. I know we can go about at night decorating random poles in the city. Pole decor will never be the same again. So if you have any ideas just comment on my comment.

  3. BEEPA! His name is BEEPA!
    And actually I tried to ask him but he was SLEEPING. Can you believe that? I also googled many pictures of telephone poles: some very nice actually, but they weren't MINE. So I took a picture of our pole in our yard outside our window. Ta Da!

  4. well like I was saying that pole needs some Flamingos. You can't let that pole go undressed so how will u dress it. I can't believe he was sleeping at 10. What does he think he is normal.


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