Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy Kid: Bro. Michael Truck

Bentley never seems to run out of cute things to say. This blog is quickly becoming all about him! Hopefully you all don't mind these stories! I am just glad for the chance to write them down, before I forget about them.

Sylvia & The Guys wearing black and white while Sis. Marchbanks takes our picture!
So we had a fabulous time in Orosi at Bro.Guerrero's church. We were so blessed to hear from Bro. Baker who talked about the runner in the Olympics that broke his leg before he got to the finish line. The runner, of course finished the race and said that's what anyone in his shoes would have done. He said he just kept repeating: FAITH, FOCUS, FINISH, FAITH, FOCUS, FINISH. Which is what we have to do to win this race we are in! Have faith! Focus! and FINISH!

I was very excited as always to go to our awesome church website (which is and see the pictures up. Our group in the restrooms eating  waiting area eating, because there was no seats.  I told Bentley to come look, and I pointed to one of his pictures and asked him, "Who's that?" He said, "That's me and some crazy kid..."  I explained to him that the crazy kid was actually Bro. Michael Truck.
CAPTION: Bentley and a Crazy Kid. 


  1. Common questions
    1. Where is Sister Marchbanks in that picture.
    2. Did we plan the black and white outfits.
    Caption for second picture
    Bro. Truck learns the Itsy Bitsy spider

  2. Ummmmmm....Sylvia....
    Outside of the guys you are the ONLY one wearing black and white.

    Just FYI :P

  3. Cherie Hunny child
    the picture was taken at dusk. It looks like everyone is wearing black and white. Oh course we see splahes of color. Like the grays,which can be explained by a sure desire to be contray. Black and white mixed is gray. Yra there also color splash from otherf outfits. Your sister is wearing a light pink instead of white but thats okay becuz maybe she does not have white in here wardrobe. Unless people recognize the jacket laura is wearing they will not notice the purple pin strips. Hence fort the comment or question is realitve. :P


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