Sunday, August 12, 2012

Handsome Cowboys

Yesterday on outreach, we went to a couple yard sales. (Don't worry, we knocked doors too! We have a new little boy that is supposed to start coming next week!!!!!)
Pastor was looking at a cowboy hat that was all mangled and smushed. I knew Bentley would have a blast playing with it, and hearing Pastor saying it was a special hat because someone had signed it, I picked it up for a $1.00. (I am so grateful for such an awesome Pastor that has such great knowledge about these kinds of things.)

I put it in the van and kinda forgot about it until Will found it. He thought maybe one of the crowd that I forced to go swimming (ha! That is a blog post by itself!) had crushed it. I feel asleep last night before we could talk anymore about it and woke up to him wearing it, not crushed anymore. Amazing what a few google searches (and a steamer) will do!!! He is currently taking orders for crushed cowboy hats to be made uncrushed again. (which I didn't read that part just now, when I read him this post, shhhh LOL. Trust me, just put your order in.)
I just wished I had a before picture. I could become an overnight pinterest sensation LOL!!!

So, we had some explaining to do to Bentley about how come his $1.00 hat that actually is a $100.00 hat belongs to daddy and how daddy will buy Bentley a new hat.

Later on, will asks Bentley if he can borrow his boots.
Bentley of course, replies, "no, they are too small for you!!! "

Then Bentley said, "you will buy me a cowboy hat, and I will buy you some cowboy boots!"

Go get 'em cowboys!


  1. Next post a ballad about the great yard sale signs. Maybe an ode or a sonnet would be more appropriate.

  2. You write it and find the pics, I will post it... :)

  3. i dont know all the great finds u found yard saling


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