Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slumber Party

 Hello!  Right now it is 4:40 in the morning, and we are WIDE awake!  Tonight we had our last big summer all-nighter at some friends' house with the ladies from the church.  We also turned it into a surprise birthday party for Sis. Alvarado....little did she know she would be cooking an enchilada dinner for her very own birthday party!

For some fun, we put all our names into a hat and each one of us drew one...whoever's name we drew, we did their hair!  Some did pretty hairdos, and some did flat crazy and hilarious ones.  It was pretty funny and a great time for pictures :)

 Sylvia killing Stephanie.

 Jade doing Alissa's hair.

 Sis. Liz Ortega was having fun with Cherie's hair

 Looks like Jade has a plan!

A Mickey Mouse themed hairdo to match her shirt :)

 Hair chain: Cherie, Liz, & Sis. Webb

Alissa did Jade's hair


Tina did Sylvia's...

 Minnie Mouse!

Isn't Sis. Alvarado's hair gorgeous?!  ;P  Here she is doing Tina's hair...

 Melanie's hair that my mom did....she had it re-done tho about 15 minutes after this picture.  The braid must have been too tight.

Brokelle.  The little girls had their own hair party!

My mom!

Showing Cherie some love....and THIS is when things started getting crazy.


My hair!!!!  Cherie did it!!  She is amazing, and I've been wanting her to do my hair for YEARS.  (Besides the time of the hot-stick ponytail.)  I was so happy when she drew my name!  Everyone thought it was rigged, but it wasn't.  I promise. They're just jealous, that's all.

The back!

 The whole group with our gorgeous hairdos!

 The backs...

Playing Imagine If a few hours ago....look at Cherie's hair!  Lol...
 It was pretty hilarious when we would be having a halfway serious conversation with each other and we would just look at each other's hair and be like "Look at you!!"  and start cracking up...LOL!

Jade looks like she's cheating.

Hailey and Cherie....Hailey was still going at 3 in the morning!

It is now 5:01.  Outreach is in 4 1/2 hours.  Who will come, who will go, and who will stay....we'll leave that up to you to guess.  Right now, we're off to play a game of Pictionary!


  1. Everyone was so mellow at the Pampered Chef Party at my place today...wonder why?
    LOL What a Blast we had Last night! Can't wait to do it again. Love all the Pics!

  2. Now the real question is what went on in outreach with the two who did not sleep.


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