Friday, March 22, 2013

$10 Starbucks card for ONLY $5! Hurry!!

As with most good deals, these do not last long!!!

Hurry over to and if you dont have a groupon account you should sign up :)

Then go here:  to buy a Starbucks gift card for ONLY $5!!! Woohoo!!!
I am loving me some Starbucks lately! Today I used a coupon that they sent me with My Starbucks rewards for a tall carmel machito, and redeemed an earned reward, and got B a water with Strawberries added. 

My total: $0.60

Oh and at WALGREENS, this week, only through Saturday,  the jars of Starbucks iced coffee milk are $0.99 and you get a $0.99 coupon back!

Go get 'em!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I wish I could post more deals here for everyone, and eventually maybe I can... This deal was too good not to share:

Go to this link:
copy the code it gives you and get to shopping...

The site is getting really hammered right now, so it might work better if you copy the code at the link above and then go directly to:

You can also go through and get swagbucks back!! As you can see below I got a pair of socks (which I just added to make sure my total was over $25) and a backpack for going to grandma's house for $1.05 SHIPPED!!!

Go shop!!! :)

Shipping & handlingFREE
In stock: Available to ship
Co       st
    Monkey Backpack
    vendor:SKIP HOP
    Monkey Backpack

    One Size
    Unit price
    item subtotal
    Chunky Pointelle Over the Knee Sock
    Chunky Pointelle Over the Knee Sock
    One Size
    Unit price
    $12.00 $5.97
    item subtotal

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Happenings in our household.

Actually not our household. The library, a bug museum, and the church. Speaking of church....
This is quite dangerous really. I am blogging after a long day spent at the church getting ready for Sunday. These getting ready things inspired much silliness, laughter, and a couple tears. Don't worry those were from laughing too hard. The real tears will probably come tomorrow. Sunday FUNday. OH! I should share pictures of last Sunday Funday! (or maybe the Sunday Funday before last?) Anyway it includes adults bouncing in bounce houses (NOT me!) which I am not sure should ever happen....
For which I need to get up and at em in like a few hours. However we came home and my dear precious handsome husband (sorry that was a bit much) came home and gave our dog, yes, we got a dog, GUM!
Chewing gum. PETA watch out! Holla Back! It was seriously funny. 

I didnt get pictures of it, but I thought you would enjoy pictures of him anyways. So I went to upload pictures of the dog, and found these instead. Of course, they will work just fine!!!

This is the mayor:

She read to my child at the library. Yes, this is the same mayor that appeared by phone at a certain meeting involving a certain church in a certain city. We live in a small town. The mayor has more than one hat.....

See what I did there???

Ok, never mind.....

He was not impressed with Mrs. Mayor Lady....
 He wanted the Cat in the Hat to read instead. He said so, quite loudly I might add. I had to explain the Cat in the Hat doesn't read this time, he just gives out cotton candy. The important people read from the city instead, like, the mayor, or the department of recreation leader dude, or whatever. He did not understand. He wanted the cat in the hat to read.

So onto other news, our Pastor has to wear reading glasses now. He thinks that they are not good, or something. However, the general consensus is that they do indeed make him look more scholarly.  Pastorly somehow. (Google does not think that Pastorly is a word. It wants to change it to Stormily. HA! I used it twice anyways) I really was only going to send this picture to 1 or 2 people, but when I took it and Pastor gave that Pastorly (THREE) grin and asked, "Who did that?",well, I knew this picture had a place to belong on this blog. "HI PASTOR !"  IT WAS ME! 

There is a place in the middle of nowhere. This is not the happiest place on earth. This is a place of birth, and rebirth. A place of disgusting creatures, a place of death, decay, and things that give you the willies heeby jeebys creepy crawleys. This was a place that  two boys in my life loved and I tolerated. For them. This was a place called: Insectlore
Have you ever gone to Wal-Mart or Costco and thought about getting a ladybug kit or a butterfly kit? Well this is where they breed and ship those babies.... 
They did not let me take pictures of the breeding chambers. I really don't know why... It was just a bunch of butterflys, cacoons, and eggs. It was really the coolest part of the tour. 

Besides the dude telling us about eating cockroaches that were deboned, boiled and put in a blind taste test vs. a McDonalds chicken nugget. According to tour guy dude, the cockroaches win everytime. The cockroaches on display were almost 3-4 inches long. According to the tour guy, they get the size of a man's hand in the wild, and without them, we would have no rainforest and we wouldn't be able to breathe. 

Looking at them and listening to this wonderful monologue made it very hard to breathe for a few minutes, so I kinda know how it might feel. 
Here is their website: 

The outside of the building was the coolest part. 

 This was something that lived in water

 I dont remember what it was, I can't think about it... eghhhh
 This was a TARANTULA. Okay, this blog post is going to give me nightmares. 
 This was a worm, he also took out a black beetle and tried to get B to touch it. No go on either count. I can't blame him. I did wonder if I am scarring my child by him being afraid of bugs because I am. I am not sorry if I am.
 The sonic next to the middle of nowhere has a really cool playground.
 You can dig holes and stuff.

Good night.