Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FOUR GOT THE HOLY GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I continue to be overwhelmed by the absolute awesomeness of what God can do. This past week we got to enjoy Elder David Abbott preach to us in revival. And Revival we had! He is such an amazing man, he takes you right down to a child's perspective and back to the basics. The Holy Ghost is the presence of God living inside of you with the evidence being talking in tongues, and I never cease to be amazed at this wonderful experience. I am so honored and blessed to be living and walking in this great truth!

I am going to admit that some of these pictures are stolen from lifetabporterville.com
Sorry I know its cheating, but I didn't always have my camera out this week.

So we had FOUR people get the Holy Ghost for the first time, and two of them have already been baptized in Jesus' name and we got to see the other two baptized this week! We had quite a few visitors and Sunday morning we had had over 100 people in service! The majority were kids, some even came back for Sunday night!!!

This girl is amazing: Danae Joy. Her voice, her obvious strong relationship with God, her sensitivity. Wow! We got her new CD: In the Sanctuary. AMAZING! ( I also real quick don't want to forget her mom, You can just tell that Sis. Abbott walks in the Holy Ghost! How I would love to spend an afternoon with this lady!!!)
Our local paparazzi decided they needed pictures of the Abbott family for our amazing church website, but suddenly ran out of photographers. So I hear, "Sis. Laura, we need you for pictures!" So, feeling quite bold and proud of myself, instead of going up to help take pictures of everyone, I walk up to the front and pose. I suddenly realized what I was doing in front of this extremely dignified family. I mean, this is like ROYALTY in Pentecost! I turn bright red, and then the cameras are flashing, and there we have it. This gem of a photo right here. I will always cherish this photo, because its taken with DANAE. And she will look at this one day, and be like, What on Earth! Who was that crazy woman! 

Speaking of treasures, this is one of those too! 
 and this one!
This is a picture of our Pastor's son that I took as my temporary role as photographer. The others vanished quickly. Oh and look at the rest of the family back there! HI!!!

This is one night about a couple weeks ago when Stephanie got to hold the offering plate! yay!

She might kill me for posting it, but I think its worth it. Study everyone's faces in this photo. Study harder. Imagine what each person might be thinking about. Am I the only one that does this to photos??

Anyways, I am getting silly, or maybe I am just overfilled with the Joy of the Lord.... 

Speaking of the Joy of the Lord,
We are so blessed to have this family as our Pastor's family. Thank God, they know how to laugh! 

Until next time!!! 

:) ~Laura