Sunday, April 7, 2013

I can do it!

Here at our church, you never know what is going to happen next.  We are a FUN church!  The jokes and laughs are never ending!

Today was Saturday morning outreach.  Some of us were on the van out on outreach, and some were in piano lessons....but once we all were done and back free at the church, wooooooooo-weeeeee!  You just had to be there!

First it all started with a few of us in the Bible Study room, where we noticed a certain someone’s shirt was inside out.  We decided to let him know.  He already knew.  (whoops)  We got to hear a big long story of WHY and we all just had to bury our heads in laughter...and concern.
Moral of the story:  What you do affects others!!

Here came somebody ELSE, who decided he would go make his shirt BACKWARDS, to see what we all thought!  (We tried getting pics of the two together, but the one wasn’t up to photos today and exited the room.)

That was not near the excitement tho.  Since Bentley’s latest obsession of Dr. Seuss (and Legos...) I got him this cute little game that I figured we could have some good mommy & son fun time with.  (and it was also free with my dads $10 Kohls coupon) 

One night my mom & I decided to play it with Bentley, and WOW!  We didn’t realize how MUCH we would be doing!  You have to draw three cards and do what they say.  My dad didn’t know what to think when my mom took off dancing down the hallway and back....

So anyways.  We pulled it out today to play, since it was sitting in my car, and I wanted to see how it would go over for a Sunday School game.  SO. FUNNY. 

But lets just say it works better to play this at random times with unsuspecting players than at Sunday School... It was fun... but way crazier the day before...

(Actually I think what was funnier was everyone’s reactions from the people that weren't playing because they didn’t know what was going on hahahhaa....)

The name of the game is “I Can Do It!”

Cherie was first.
She had to “crawl to the nearest book with the plaything between your elbows”.
Keep in mind you CAN NOT drop the little Dr. Seuss toy, or you do not get a point!
As she said, it’s rather difficult to crawl with your elbows pressed together.
She began screaming to who was cleaning the church to PLEASE bring her a book!
Then it was Bentley’s turn.....crab walk to somewhere with the toy on your head..
Gio crab walking down to the back room (you tell me if that looks like crab walking to you!)
Cherie dancing to three windows
Justin doing the crab walk
And one last picture to give you a thrill!

If you are looking for a fun game, go grab this’s not just for toddlers, as you can see!  LOL

Notice there’s no pics of me doing any of the craziness.... I was leading the game ;)

We can do it!!

Here is the product on Amazon. I really wish I had an affiliate link set up so that I could get money from Amazon from all you that are going to run out and buy it, but I don't. 

There is also another one!!! I really want this one for youth LOL. I mean, not that I am youth or anything, but just in case I happen to be somewhere that there is youth.  

Disclaimer: I had a LOT of help on this post. You know who you are. THANK YOU! This also means I am not entirely responsible for the content of this post. I also may or may not be compensated =).