Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fair (PICS part TWO!)

 I want to tell you about this picture as gently as possible. 
There are many sheep shearing stations at the fair. Don't get to close to them!
Oh! Look! Photogenic Little girl! Seriously I have quite a few of this girl while trying to get a silhouette photo of Miss. Betsy the Cow. I never got my shot, but she looks good in every one!

See what I mean?!? Seriously, I do not take that good of pictures. I don't have the talent and I know it. Gorgeous!
(unlike another professional photographer who doesn't know shes professional.)
  This is only for the enjoyment of the fact that I held a baby goat. Please ignore my face entirely.

 Here is Mama Goat. She looks so tired, wouldn't you? Three KIDS! 
 Cows Tongues are so weird. 
What is even weirder is some people chop them up, cook them, and PUT THEM IN TACOS! 
 This cow was really annoyed that I was taking so many pictures...
This girl was placing her order, when all of  sudden she just lept inside the booth! Can you believe it! 

Actually, what happened is this girl gave me her camera and told me to take pictures. OKAY! 
The is called the STEPHANIECAM! 
This is her perspective! Her point of view! 

One More Pic of our awesome booth!
And our incredible sign!!!! Look at the food pictures! If you need pictures of food taken, I can give you some contact information for our photographer! They are absolutely amazing! They seriously looked good enough to eat!!!

These are pictures of the zipline... This boy inspires me! He was so scared to death and he STILL went up there! So what if he didn't jump! Even though people promised cash and ice cream and everything... I wouldn't have been able to climb past the fifth stair!

Our two dinner order takers rocked. Seriously! We have never sold so much guacamole in our lives! (actually I really don't know that for sure, but I have a pretty good guess!)
They took "Do you want fries with that?" to a whole new level. 
That's amateur stuff. 
These two would up-sell you to an apple soda or an orange crush!
 They had a contest to see who could sell the most in one night! 
The first night it was Orange Crush, and the winner got a FREE MASSAGE.
If he won, he got one from his wife. If she won, she got one from his wife.
  It was a win-win situation. 

  Of course, the masseuse might have been pressured into giving a massage, since she didn't know the rules or the fact that she was the presenter of the winner's gift. 

Having sent one too many Nacho Supremes to Heaven, we all started losing our minds. 
(OK, so someone ordered a Nacho Supreme and their name just happened to be Heaven. So, (paraphrasing a lot here) when we asked each other where the Nacho Supreme went- It went straight to HEAVEN!

This is pretty much where I lost my mind. Lack of sleep caused this. And an overabundance of Joy from working for the LORD? I don't know. I was taking an order and they said the word Churro, and I lost it. 
Right there. 
Laughed until I cried and ran out of the booth with tears streaming down my face, laughing so hard I thought I would die. 
 I still wish to know what the poor person who only wanted a churro thought of my antics. 
I was not laughing at you, sir, I promise. Please come visit our church and I will try my best to calmly shake your hand. 

And I sat there and laughed and laughed. I am so glad they didn't fire me over this one! 
Nope! I QUIT!
But I came back the next day. So hold your breath! There is a Part 3 coming.....

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  1. your falling behind have not finished the fair and pcc has come and gone and there is only 5 months left to the next fun day


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