Saturday, January 18, 2014


Just so you all know (the few that are out there that check this little site out, and by the way THANK YOU!) I have removed my email list for updates, so if you want updates for the blog by email, just put your email in that box up there to the left...

Here are some pics! Hopefully this is a taste of more posts to come... We shall see!!! I know the final fair pics never got posted, but my computer crashed (wahhh) so that post may never come.... 
"WHY am I on this wall? What would happen if I "accidentally" fell in? Would they let me keep swimming? Would I be in trouble? Where are the fish?"

"I wonder what my surprise is... maybe it is a huge candy bar, or another big lollipop, LEGOS! I hope its legos!"

"Why am I looking at her nose? It looks like a nose..."

She pinches him, he pinches her, they both look at each other with grimaces that the whole world thinks is a love-struck gaze....

"They let me go!" "I am going to run and run and never ever stop!"

"I knew it! Legos, legos, legos!" "wait..... legos aren't supposed to be soft"
"But thats okay I love him! He is Soft! and Cute!"
"He is mine! all mine! I will squeeze him forever and name him CHARLIE"
He looks at her and she looks at him and he looks at her and she looks at him and he looks at her and she looks at him
"I have something for you.... heh heh..." "ooooo what is it?"
"I have something for you too... another pinch!
"For me? You shouldn't have! Where did you find these!?"
"That's not what that says!"


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