Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pacific Coast Camp 2014 Pictures!

I did not take nearly enough pictures this year at camp. I wanted to take pictures of my outfits I wore everyday so it would make it easier to pack next year, but that certainly didn't happen. I forgot my camera! And my phone and I were not getting along very well. It was such a fun year. God's presence was so strong in every service!

 The most precious thing of all. A little boy realized that God is very real and that it's about time to start seeking for the Holy Ghost. Enough to make this mama bawl for days!
 They keep these kids sooo very busy. No time to get in trouble!

 There's a lot going on in this picture, so let me sum it up for you. 1. Kids playing sports in background 2. Two boys being boys 3. THE BANK which was our home away from home 4. Starbucks- which makes this picture amazing. 
 Nothing like good friends in the church!

 This was our van on the way down! I stopped so many times because I was so paranoid about how it was faring.
 And this is trying to get it back up. I think I stopped twice on the way back home. I think I wasn't as paranoid because I was so tired. Too tired to care if it fell off... (actually we a had a few less things going back- consumption made room inside the car)
Notice the broken mirror? These were all over the place. It was a sad year to bring a mirror. 
My dearest husband wrapped up our mirrors so perfectly,
 they wouldn't have broken even if you sat on them. 
But I unwrapped them, and threw mine in the back and went to the beach, 
and someone sat on it. 

I should have left it wrapped.
Oh the choir. The most AMAZING part of camp! They could have sang for hours and I would not have minded one bit. Nothing like apostolic ONE God singing with ANOINTING! WOO can I get an amen!

Speaking of Amens or HELLO!?s What annointed ministry we had speaking this year! Bro. Jason Hood came from Atlanta, GA and brought a ton of family with him! His wife can SANG! Her cd is available on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-am-a-miracle/id444514850

Bro. Baglin taught in the day.(hope its okay, Miss Brittany Lyn I stole this picture from you!) I cant wait to listen to all these since I missed 3/4 of them being in kids church.

Kids church was good this year as well. It always amazes me how the services all continue each other! Even kids church! Bro. Hood talked about Peter one night, and the next day so did kids church
 (and they had planned what they were teaching a long time before that morning!)

And that is all I got. I didn't even get a picture with MARY! The MARY! Classicmarymoments.blogspot.com MARY!
 (but I did get her to sign my yearbook! Twice! thats another story) 

Oh and Bentley has an immense crush on Danae Joy Abbott! You should see his little face light up! So adorable! 

Can't believe its already over! Time to get planning for next year! 
With 43 people that went from our church this year, I cant wait to see who we will have next time! 


  1. Hi sis! PCC was an absolute blast! Um what Danae? Lol
    Danae DeAro

    1. Aww! Im sure he would love Danae DeAro too! (LOL I edited it) Actually there was one time she was singing and he asked who it was and when I told them it was Danae DeAro- he said all breathless- there's ANOTHER Danae?! LOL

  2. Oh yes, we should have gotten a pic together!!! All your outfits were cute btw!!! I signed your yearbook TWICE??? LOL


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